Protect Your Computer From Spyware

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Protect Your Computer From Spyware

Postby ersxaer » Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:00 am

Well, everyone now has a home computer or business laptop, and sometimes you may be sick of dealing with the increasing spyware, viruses and malware, so we need to know how to protect your computer from these kinds of harmful threats.


Spyware is malicious software (malware) that installs itself or runs on your computer without providing you with adequate notice, consent or control. It can monitor your online behaviour or collect your sensitive personal information such as personally identifiable information and passwords. It could as well display annoying pop-up advertisements, change your computer settings or cause your computer to run slowly. Because spyware does not obtain your consent before installing or running on your computer, and may not immediately display any noticeable symptoms after it infects your computer, you might not actually be aware of its presence in your PC.


Let us take a look at the following 4 tips you should look out for to protect your computer:

Live Security Platinum is a fake anti-spyware program that will encourage you to buy its licensed version. Although it might look similar to usual anti-spyware programs, this is just a malware application that causes the insecurity of your personal computer settings and data. Learn How to Remove Live Security Platinum

System Progessive Protection is a fake anti-spyware software, which warns you to buy their licensed version, because you PC is at great danger. You can easily Remove System Progressive Protection.

The Ukash Virus is a ransom ware virus that will block your internet access and prevent you from the ability to access it by usual Windows startup. Here's an easy way to Remove Ukash Virus from your PC.

Win 7 Home Security 2013 Fake Antivirus is a pseudo anti-spyware software that installs automatically onto users PC after catching an infection. The virus produces fake warnings and persuades you to buy the full version of Win 7 Home Security 2013 Fake Antivirus. Check out this article about how to Remove Win 7 Home Security 2013
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