Problem Compiling C + + SDK

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Problem Compiling C + + SDK

Postby max1395 » Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:30 am


That I know the basics of C + +, and I want to get into the development of C + + application on Android. I then do some research, realized that to "convert" my C + + code in Android NDK So I had to download but the problem is that I can not. I have a very simple source code (format console), I put my C + + project in this directory: C: \ Users \ Max1395 \ documents \ test, and decompressing the archive NDK : C: \ Users \ Max1395 \ Documents \ ndk. Normally the command is:

cd C: \ Users \ Max1395 \ Documents \ test
C: \ Users \ Max1395 \ Documents \ ndk \ NDK-build

but it does not work. Where is the problem and how to fix? Then I get anything as a file? I open it with SDK?
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Re: Problem Compiling C + + SDK

Postby cycl0ne » Sun May 01, 2011 10:35 pm

You are completely wrong. Havent you read the Install.html and readme.txt?
a) to compile it, you need CYGWIN, cause the NDK is LINUX written and you need the Gnu Tools
b) to execute it, you need the SDK and Exclipse. Cygwin only produces a .lib for you. The packaging (.apt) is done by eclipse with sdk/plugin.

Hope to help.
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