Play iTunes M4V Movies on Nook Color/Tablet with ChewTune

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Play iTunes M4V Movies on Nook Color/Tablet with ChewTune

Postby BurtThomas » Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:15 am

Play iTunes M4V Movies on Nook Color/Tablet with ChewTune
Get iTunes m4v movies playback with Nook Color/Tablet in best HD video quality

Nook Color Tablet and iTunes (m4v videos)?

Hey, folks, I have purchased two iTunes movies and wanted to convert them to mp4 format to use with a Barnes & Noble Nook Color... this was a Christmas gift for my wife (who owns the nook) so she can have saved/stored movies on her tablet for use whenever she desires... Will I have any more luck with the iTunes m4v movies for Nook Tablet playback without issues?

As you see, Apple uses M4V files to encode TV episodes, movies, and music videos in the iTunes Store. The copyright of M4V files may be protected by using Apple's FairPlay DRM copyright protection. The unprotected M4V files without AC3 audio may be recognized and played by Nook Color or Nook Tablet by changing the file extension from ".m4v" to ".mp4" using a M4V Videos to Nook Tablet Converter. To play a protected M4V file, the Nook Tablet needs to be authorized. Unfortunately the Android devices have not get a license to play DRM contents, which means DRM protected iTunes movies will not be play on the Nook Color/Tablet.

However, there must a way to enjoy the DRMed iTunes videos on Nook Tablets. As far as i know, the best solution is to remove DRM from the iTunes movies and convert the m4v video to the Nook Tablet compatible formats (e.g. H.264 MP4) along with some help from the 3rd-party tool. When it comes to free iTunes m4v videos from DRM restriction/protection, A DRM remover and converter called Pavtube ChewTune stands out from the rest. The DRM removal software will easily make free iTunes m4v videos out of DRM-protected contents. Moreover, video and music purchased from Amazon and Digital Copy from Blu-ray/DVD can be also converted to fit your Nook Tablet and other Android devices.

The following guide will detail how to get your iTunes videos ready for the Nook Tablets.

Before Conersion, you need

Step 1. Download a free trial of the iTunes movies to Android Tablet Converter.

Step 2. Set iTunes not to remember position.

Launch iTunes, and switch to “Movies” under LIBRARY. Select the videos you’d like to convert, right click to select Get Info -> Options -> Remember position -> No -> OK

Now you're ready to get rid of the DRM from iTunes movie purchases for Nook Tablets, here you go:

1. Drag and drop the movies from iTunes Movie Library to the perfect iTunes to Nook Color/Tablet Converter.

2. Choose best HD Video format for Nook Tablet. You can choose "Nook Color (*.mp4)" in "Android" category. This profile is specially designed for Nook Tablets.

Step 3. Click "Convert" to export DRM-free iTunes movies. The conversion proceeds as iTunes plays the movies. So DO NOT turn off iTunes until the conversion is completed.

In order to get the video quality you prefer for the Nook Tablets, you could adjust bitrate, frame rate, codec, sample rate, channels, etc as you wish after clicking on "Settings".

Once get the converted videos, just copy and dump them to Nook Tablet via USB. Then you are ready to experience and view the iTunes M4V movies on Nook Tablet/Color without DRM restriction.
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