Optimized build has weird graphics

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Optimized build has weird graphics

Postby LittleCodingFox » Fri May 27, 2011 9:22 am

Hello there,
I've been trying to get an optimized build of a game I am porting to Android working for a while, and yesterday I confirmed that everything but the graphics is working properly when optimizing (without optimizations everything works like a charm, although much slower).

Here's one of the screens I get when running my app:


and this is what I should be getting:


I also tried to send either no image data, or fully white pixels. The behaviour at the beginning of the app in either case is quite odd. For instance, in the case of fully white pixels, the screen begins black, and small triangles start "avalanching" from top to bottom until they reach the end of the screen, after which the whole screen stays white.

When sending the normal texture data (which I have confirmed is valid by dumping it into PNGs while the app ran), the screen displays strange colors (e.g., fully-blue, then fully-orange, etc) before it even reaches the corrupted texture I showed on the first image.

So, does anyone have any idea as of what could be causing this issue? I've tried to use the Android Mailing List and got 0 replies in 3 attempts... Any help would be appreciated.
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