How to Choose a Starter Guitar Acoustic

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How to Choose a Starter Guitar Acoustic

Postby ersxaer » Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:04 am

With so many choices on the market today, choosing an acoustic guitar can seem like a disenchanting experience. You need a starter guitar acoustic, but what one should you choose? There are literally hundreds of brands and prices to choose from and I hope I can help you with your decision. I want one of these lovely guitars.

1. How serious are you about learning to play guitar? If you are a younger person and your parents are going to buy the guitar for you, they probably want to know you are actually going to play it. Nearly 90 percent of children that attempt to play an instrument get frustrated or bored with it and this is why parents don't like paying a lot of money! Decide your seriousness level!
2. Don't spend more than $300 on your first starter guitar acoustic. It is always good to have a trial run.
3. The type of guitars people will say are the best include Taylor and Martins. I have had horrible luck with Epiphones so I would not recommend them at all. My first guitar was called a Mitchell guitar. It was an off brand acoustic guitar for $199. Just pick up some guitars and see how you like the sound. You don't need to know how play to appreciate the amazing sound of an acoustic guitar. I bought my acoustic guitar and love it.
4. If you are really serious about purchasing a starter guitar acoustic I would highly recommend Taylor guitars. They are a little bit pricey but they offer the highest quality sound. When you play a chord is like an angel singing in your ear. Please advise. Interested in these resonator guitars.
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