easy to catch prey to toms shoes

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easy to catch prey to toms shoes

Postby kangdisikangka » Wed Aug 15, 2012 2:48 am

easy to catch prey to come back. However, if no good bait, can do so only lured to the big animals? ZhangYao some curious. With those larvae last night. Yesterday after they make fire, from the cave brought out the big fireflies larvae, didn't fit place toms shoes, and PeiYan gave them all get lousy, let the bugs, send out the taste more dense, and then put them in the trap he produced, to lure those who loves eating insects come prey. This morning he went out last night patrol build made when those who dig pitfalls, and met a fall into the trap of carnivorous beast. This only insectivorous beast of small volume, fur is thick, PeiYan decided to bring it back decomposition, fur used to keep warm, down to eat. No wonder then I didn't find the fireflies larvae, originally be you go when the bait. Those larvae die also is not very case, at least for the quantity of heat of physical strength and today, brought a huge contribution. ZhangYao for those riding crane fairy to larvae from the bottom to be so a second in silence. Just thinking, and, behold, PeiYan not to tube he lost in the bodies of the beasts of the earth, but looked at, feet into his direction to go straight up, the toms glitter shoesZhangYao unconsciously throat moved, and his mouth asked: you, why? Can't blame ZhangYao now some sense nervous, who if after last night's exciting, will now and he is sensitive as suspicious. Can only say drinking delaying the evils we live, not, always fearless ZhangYao, also won't see PeiYan in to his over, to have the heart to stay away from impulse. To help you. ZhangYao approached, PeiYan directly from the hand of the ZhangYao will dagger to pick up the past, signal hint ZhangYao turned away from him, he good help for his scrape. ...... It is shaving, ZhangYao loose tone, it looks like PeiYan would have put the last night to forget, threw one side. He also didn't need to think more about what.
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