Convert WMV to MP4 playable video format for Kindle Fire HD

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Convert WMV to MP4 playable video format for Kindle Fire HD

Postby jacknjchn » Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:44 am


The Kindle Fire HD tablet from Amazon is more and more popular with its really crisp screen. Have you got one? If so, you are likely to play HD movies it. Some people have WMV movies and want to transfer them to Kindle Fire HD for playing, but they meet the unsupported problem. So some users ask that is was or isn't playable on Kindle Fire HD.

I bought one Kindle Fire HD. Just came today and it is really nice. There’s a problem I wanna get the definite answer. Can Kindle Fire HD support my WMV files?

According to the Kindle Fire HD’s spec, we learn that Kindle Fire HD only can support playing videos in MP4, 3GP, VP8 format. Thus, putting WMV movies into Kindle Fire HD is a hard work for the users especially for some newbies. hen is there an way to help them to solve the incompatible issuse?

[size="4"]Solution to adding WMV to Kindle Fire HD[/size]

[size="3"]Part 1: Required software[/size]

WMV to Kindle Fire HD Converter

This video converter is recommended as a best tool to help you complete the WMV to Kindle Fire HD conversion. This little gadget helps users convert .wmv videos to .mp4, the Kindle Fire HD favorable format. Plus, it’s available for you to modify the video, audio parameter settings to get a video as you expect.

[size="3"]Part 2: Guidance[/size]


Step 1: Launch the Video Converter and here pops up an intuitive interface, click Add icon to load your WMV files to it.

Step 2: Click the Format box to set MP4 as the best video format for Kindle Fire HD. We recommend the Android > Amazon Kindle Fire H.264(*.mp4).

Step 3: Press the Settings icon. You’d better customize the video size as 1280*800 in the Profile Settings panel to have a full screen and HD playback on Kindle Fire HD 7.

Step 4: Now click "Convert" button; it will start to reformat .wmv to .mp4 for Kindle Fire HD immediately. You may check "Shut down computer after conversion" and leave it be.

After conversion is done, you could click the "Open" button next to output box to find the converted files and now copy and play WMV files on Kindle Fire HD for more joy.

Note: Videos transferred via USB will only be available in the Gallery app on Kindle Fire HD. So, tap the Gallery app to watch your converted .wmv files freely.

This video converter also supports AVI, MKV, FLV, MOV, VOB, TiVo, etc to Kindle Fire HD conversion. More info get from Brorsoft Video Converter.

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