Convert/Compress/Load Full HD 1080p movies to Nexus 10

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Convert/Compress/Load Full HD 1080p movies to Nexus 10

Postby lydia622520 » Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:46 am

The Nexus 10 measures 263.9 x 177.6 x 8.9mm, so it's pretty slim. It weighs in at 603g, which for a 10-inch tablet is pretty average: it's lighter and slimmer than the iPad 4, if you care about that sort of thing, but slightly fatter and heavier than Samsung's own Galaxy Note 10.1.

It is not clear whether Nexus 10 can play 1080p video smoothly or not? Just to push things further, here I'd like to share as many information about the multimedia capabilities of the Nexus 10, particularly on high-end resolution as possible after our experiment mainly on Nexus 10 full HD video playback performance, bitrates, formats.

Nexus 10 full HD video playback performance:
Our expectation is that Nexus 10 should handle "normal" 1080p movies (10Mbps), given it's the latest-gen SoC, and that video playback is a staple use, but cannot smoothly play 1080p content like original BD bitrate. In fact, many devices now can handle 1080p of the "rip" (lowered bitrate) variety, but fewer can smoothly play "remuxed" (original BD bitrate) 1080p content. You should know original BD is 1920x1080 with avg bitrates of 30-35Mbps. Rips can keep the 1080p res or be downscaled, but bitrates are inevitably lower (for smaller size) as they're intended to be downloaded. In short, Nexus 10 cannot handle 1080p movies(real full HD 1920x1080 files) well with high video bitrate(which means large file size ).

Nexus 10 video formats:
The Google Nexus 10 tablet supports to a wide range of 1280 x 720 HD videos at 30fps, including MPEG4, H.263, H.264, DivX, WMV, AVI, MKV, but like 1080p MKV, MTS, M2TS, TiVo, XviD, MPG, MOV, etc can’t be supported on Nexus 10 natively.

Synthesize the above testing results, playing full HD 1080p videos on Nexus 10 is not always smooth and supported due to the video format and file size limit. So, is there any way to play full HD media files on Nexus 10 flawlessly without any limit?

The best way is to convert/compress full HD movies to Nexus 10 fully compatible video format with the optimal video bitrate with the decent Nexus 10 Video Converter, which can easily help you to convert any 1080p file to Nexus 10 best video format MP4 and then tweaks the video/audio parameters like video bitrate, frame rate, etc to optimize movie playback performance on Nexus10 tablet.

Guide on how to convert/compress 1080p videos to Nexus 10.

Step 1: Download, install and run the best Nexus 10 1080p movie converter and then add your 1080p source movies to it.

Step 2: Click the Format menu, and select Android > Google Nexus 7 H.264 MP4 Video (*.mp4) as the target format


Step 3: Tap the Settings button; tweaks the video, audio settings to optimize 1080p video on Nexus 10 performance.
Video Codec: h264, Video Size (pix): 1920*1080, Video Bitrate (kbps): 2000, Frame Rate (fps): 24
Audio Codec: aac, Sample Rate (hz): 44100, Audio Bitrate (bps): 128000, Channels: Stereo
*If you have higher expectation on image quality, you can adjust the video bit rate bigger than 2000 kbps. But notice that the higher bit rate, the larger file size.

Step 4: Hit the Convert button; it will start to convert/compress 1080p videos to Nexus 10 best video format MP4 with the best video/audio settings. After the conversion, viewing full HD 1080p movies on Nexus10 with smooth playback would be easy.

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