Bill to love her simultaneously.

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Bill to love her simultaneously.

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Bill to love her simultaneously.

Unfortunately, Martha walks in on them. There's nothing like a woman who sounds like Harvey Fierstein channeling Blanche Dubois to put a damper on romance. She tells Alcide that she talked to J.D. about Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 1 Alcide's allegations about the V. "He swore on my son's grave it wasn't true." Alcide: "Respectfully, Martha, your son doesn't have a grave because y'all ate him." Martha: "Don't get literal on me, Rambo." I love the zingers in this .Martha says that J.D. was next in line to be packmaster after Martha's husband died, but he stepped aside so he could be a father figure to Marcus. (That worked out well.)[ It's J.D.'s turn to be packmaster, Martha tells him, and she refuses to believe he's on V. Later, J.D. has gathered up a number of pack members in a corner of the barn, and he tells them that one of his vampire friends told him that there's a war brewing between vamps and humans, and they'd better be on the vamp side. He produces some vials of V and offers them around, just as Emma pokes her head around the corner. J.D. offers some to Emma: Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 1"You take this, you'll grow up to be big and strong like me." And not too far behind Emma is Martha. She's horrified. J.D. tries to explain, but she shuns him: "I don't know you no more."In Sam's office at Merlotte's, Arlene is re- ing her wedding video,

which happened sometime between season Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 1 three and season four, when was in fairyland. We see Jessica and Hoyt together, Lafayette and Jesus looking happy, and the last shot is Terry kissing Arlene's pregnant tummy.Holly comes in and tries to comfort Arlene, who insists that Terry has really gone off the deep end, babbling about a smoke monster that has it in for him. Holly says that maybe he's not crazy: "We both know there's all kinds of things out there, things we don't understand." Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 1 That seems to give Arlene a shred of hope.Terry and Patrick are out in a field somewhere. Are they waiting for the smoke monster to find them? Because it does. It rears up behind them and ... starts laughing at them, and then disappears. Terry can't take it anymore. He grabs Patrick's gun and holds it under his chin, but Patrick talks him down, telling him to think of his kids. "They would wanna know you died fighting, not like this." Terry gives him back the gun, and Patrick tells him he wishes he had never given Terry the order to dead-check that woman in Iraq. Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 1 They both cry.People have been losing control of their bodies and their identities all season, but in "Burning Down the House," almost all of those issues are resolved. A few characters even face permanent consequences, without getting help from vampire blood or glamouring! Woo! In the very first scene, we say goodbye to Forgetful Eric. Just as he's about to kill Bill at the Tolerance Rally --

which was thrown into chaos when Martonia sent her vampire zombies on a murderous rampage -- Sookie blasts him with 1,000 volts of FaerieLight. She Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 1not only gets him away from Bill, but also returns his memories in a (literal) flash.This leads to a tense scene back at Bill's house: Eric reveals that he hasn't forgotten what he felt for Sookie during his amnesiac period, and what's more, he insists that he really has changed into a gentler, kinder dude who loves Sookie. That would be awesome... except Sookie still has feelings for Bill. She even thinks her love for him is what gave her the strength to blast Eric with so much light. She loves both Jersey Shore Season 6 Episode 1 her undead honeys, and she doesn't know what to do. And you know what? This is the point where I would expect to get nauseated or bored, much like I did last week during Sookie's dream sequence in which she commanded Eric and Bill to love her simultaneously. Now, however, Sookie's divided heart is met with consequences: Neither Eric nor Bill is going to forget that they love her or that she loves someone else. In retrospect, that lays an ache on top of Sookie's kinky dream, because in reality, it will never be that simple for her. She's going to have to grow up and make a choice.There's no easy fix for this dilemma, no magic light or vampire blood that can undo the hurt, and even though Sookie's
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