Android NDK/SDL Question

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Android NDK/SDL Question

Postby Roflha » Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:40 am

So I am rather new here, so I apologize if this is the incorrect place for this post.

I am working on creating an Android game, and as it currently is setup, I am using the NDK and SDL 1.2 for Android. I was using SDL because it is supposedly easy to port over to iOS once all is said in done since the actual game will just be in C++ and wrapped in whatever the platform wants.

I just had a few general questions about this setup...

1. SDL is rather old. Is it still worth using for this purpose (I am using OpenGL for rendering)? Are there better libraries out there that would work for both Android and iOS?

2. Would I be able to use an Android project's assets for the native code's resources, or must those be loaded up off the disk?

3. I tried switching over to SDL 1.3 since it supposedly has support for Android, but it would not compile on my system! I am running Ubuntu 11.04, and I think I am doing something wrong when building. I run "./configure" then "make", then "make install", and it just complains that Xext.h is missing. Does anybody have advice or good links for building SDL 1.3? (Part of the reason I am looking for alternatives)
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