wrong audio speed when playing audio over Bluetooth

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wrong audio speed when playing audio over Bluetooth

Postby guywein » Wed Jun 20, 2012 10:51 am

We are developing a medical device based on Asus transformer TF-101. The device looks like a headset, and we're sending an audio signal via bluetooth to the headset.
Everything was working OK when we were using Android gingerbread. After upgrading to Asus stock ICS OS things stopped working.
Now when we play the audio file over bluetooth, it plays the audio file in the wrong speed. it looks as if it plays the audio twice the right speed.
When playing the same file using the same code from the tablet's speakers it works. When playing music using a standard media player over Bluetooth it works as well.
so the problem is probably in our code, but we have no idea what causes it.

Any ideas suggestions and help are highly appreciated.

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