Why iPhone should not be named as iPhone 5s?

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Why iPhone should not be named as iPhone 5s?

Postby iphonetooler » Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:39 am

Apple's former adviser questioned the iPhone naming rules: said should abandon S


Prior to 2008, Segal has served as Apple Consultant

Apple advertising agency TBWA / Chiat / Day before the innovation director Ken Segal (Ken Segall) recent naming rules in a blog on Apple products questioned, said the iPhone S is not necessary. Prior to 2008, Segal has served as Apple's adviser.

Why the iPhone S is not necessary?

Many people think that the naming of the Apple iPhone product line is a bit strange with Mac computers and iPod naming conventions are very different. Segal talked about the the iPad naming system. Apple first introduced the first generation iPad, followed iPad 2. Many people think that, following the iPad 2, Apple will launch the iPad 3. Apple, however, did not do so, but introduced a new iPad. The launch of the latest iPad, Apple seems to completely give up the numbers named. Apple may iPod will also take a similar approach. Segal pointed out that for the iPad, in the present circumstances, named digital has become the extra burden.

But to be named iPhone, Apple use digital still reasonable. When the launch of the new iPhone, the old iPhone does not shut down. Apple will continue to produce the old iPhone, and sales at a lower price to the user. Segal, the iPhone naming biggest problem is the use of S. Currently, with S in the name of the new iPhone is just the previous generation product improvement, rather than a new product, which convey a very unfavorable information.

Segal said that it is unnecessary to reflect the size of the innovation in the product name iPhone named the use of the S should be abandoned. Apple's next-generation iPhone should not be named as iPhone 5s, but the iPhone 6. He also the iPhone naming system with the car's naming system were compared. He pointed out that the current launch of the new car, car manufacturers it is referred to as the 2013 models, rather than 2012S models.

Why iPhone should not be named as iPhone 5s?
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