What You Need to Know About Garcinia Cambogia

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What You Need to Know About Garcinia Cambogia

Postby ersxaer » Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:21 am

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit that grows in India, Southeast Asia, and some regions of Africa. Long used in herbal medicine, garcinia cambogia is thought to offer a variety of health benefits.

A number of studies have shown that garcinia cambogia contains compounds with antioxidant effects. In addition, garcinia cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid (a substance often touted as a natural weight loss aid).

When used as a weight loss aid, garcinia cambogia is said to suppress appetite, boost metabolism, prevent fat buildup, and reduce abdominal fat.

In addition, garcinia cambogia is said to protect against the following health problems: diabetes/diarrhea/gastrointestinal disorders/heart disease/high cholesterol/ulcers.

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