Voice recognition not on phone

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Voice recognition not on phone

Postby vikingm03 » Thu Sep 02, 2010 5:26 am

Hey everyone, first post, need help!

Im making an app that uses voice recognition, but i can not test out this feature anymore on my milestone. Ive had it working before, but due to a problem on my phone i did a factory reset and now im getting my "voice recognition is not available on this phone" toast i put in. I think I remember an app i downloaded before the factory reset that made me download an extra library off of the market (or off internet?) but i cant find anything in the marketplace that is anything like "google voice recognition."

So my questions are:

1) what do i need to install to be able to use voice recognition again?

2) what can i do if a user has this problem when i release my app?

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Re: Voice recognition not on phone

Postby jonbonazza » Sat Sep 04, 2010 7:42 pm

Maybe the TTS Service Extended software library found in the market?
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