View MKV movies on Transformer Prime with High Quality

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View MKV movies on Transformer Prime with High Quality

Postby selina5856 » Tue Dec 27, 2011 6:41 am

View MKV movies on Transformer Prime with High Quality - Foxreal 2011 Christmas Rush to Buy

“The Asus Transformer Prime is the best full-featured Android tablet yet, with a sexy design, thoughtful features, and an impressive camera.” This is the description of CNET for Transformer Prime. Very precise and appropriate. If you just want to own an android tablet, it’s a good choice.


However, the same as most tablets, Transformer Prime isn’t compatible well with MKV, which is a container format. We recognize it because of its high-definition effect and multi subtitle and track. Today, this article will show you the best solution to put MKV HD movies on Transformer Prime for playing with high quality.

What you need:
*Your computer ( windows or Mac )
*A MKV to Transformer Prime converter installed on your computer. If you use Foxreal video converter, you’d better also install the patch file, which can help us easily getting the best video format to Transformer Prime.
*According to your operating system, choose the right tool, Mac users should use Mac MKV to transformer prime converter.
*Transformer Prime USB cable

How to convert MKV movies to Transformer Prime:

Step 1. Open the Transformer Prime video converter, load your MKV 1080p or 720p movies into this program.

Step 2. Choose the best video format to Transformer Prime, Click on “Format->Android->ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 Video (*.mp4)”. This profile is specially designed for Transformer Prime TF 201 with high quality settings. The viewing experience is pretty good and without black border.


You can get the detailed information of the profile by clicking on “Settings”. Meanwhile, you can adjust some parameters by yourself.


Step 3. Start the MKV to h.264 mp4 conversion by click on the big button.

The windows version of this video conversion software is based on Nvidia CUDA technology, if you just use Nvidia video card, you will get a faster conversion speed.

When you get the result video, transfer it to Transformer Prime via USB cable. That’s all the steps. Hope this article about watching MKV HD movies on transformer Prime will solve your problem.

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