video can't display in my phone

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video can't display in my phone

Postby lovelife » Tue Aug 07, 2012 9:35 am

Baby! wheres thebest place tobuy Virgin!..ima Tranny in Need! - can you help me!.. been burned before, purchased IndianRemy-several hundreds-looked like it came from an old woman/possibly a man ima stay away from em Indians lol..couldyou be so kind togive advise as to which company would deliver best quality FullLaceVirgin!.I’m leaning towards SassyTress>not sure ifthat’s thebest option for Caucasus.
appreciate anyinfo, best for me> Mongolian, Malaysian, Chinese, European?.
I just purchased this cheap lace wigs and I am waiting to get it. I also got a silk top and I do notice a really big difference in the silk top between the lace part on your video even after you touched it up. I have this same problem since the silk top is so light, I worry that it is SO obvious because of this transition. Aside from makeup, how do you deal with the transition? Do you part it a special way?
You really did a good job on this unit but seriously? With all you had to do to get this unit looking like this, they needed to give you a seriously deep discount off the top! I mean dayum! You pretty much MADE the wig do what we'd all want it to do, you know? Good job though. RPG shw needs to do a little more in the way of bleaching, density and styling
very very pretty but what if i sold or had a site or if there was a site were we could buy lace front wigs that had a u - part call u- part lace front wig then we would just have 2 take out some hair wow that would look so real love ur unit thanks so much 4 sharing this unit style with all of us
I just received my Glueless silk top full lace wigs, and I absolutely hate it! It's too tight, and I have a skinny head. =( The lace and cap feels tight, and this hair just feels big that it looks unrealistic? It sucks because I ordered it because of all the great reviews, but now I'm screwed. The adjustable straps are hard to loosen. Can it even loosen up and stretch out? It's pretty tight, and the inside gives me a headache. I wanna wear it, but I'm new to front lace wigs. Help!
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