Upload Image to my Database from Phone

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Upload Image to my Database from Phone

Postby Raghav_s » Fri Oct 02, 2009 6:13 am

In my app i want to Upload my photos to my phone database.....when i click upload option it wil show
browse options and then i wil find the location of an image i.e., any folder...if i select any image it wil store it into my databse..whenever i want to view my photo means i will click Viewphoto option ...if i click tat option it should display my photos from my phone Database .

can anybody tel pls.......Is there any possibilites for this app.....its very urgent.....

pls feel free to reply.......Just tel is there any concept for this app....

pls reply every visitor for my Question ....is ther any possibilities....

Thanks in Advance,

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