Top 10 tips for healthy lungs

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Top 10 tips for healthy lungs

Postby ersxaer » Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:24 pm

Want to increase your lung power/capacity?. Read on this article for the top 10 tips. Remember respiration works directly in supporting your cardio-vascular system. Good lungs creates happier heart.

1. Herbs such as osha root, nettles and astraguls provide good lung support.
2. Aromatherapy using essential oils including fennel,wintergreen, theives, and eucalyptus relax and open your lungs.
3. Fruits and vegetables. Especially cooked greens are helpful.
4. Antioxidants including ACES, vitamin C, and vitamin D.
5. Cellfood for oxygenation. also trace minerals.
6. Cordyceps an asian mushroom or Breathe by New Chapter.
7. Walking in the mountains
8. swimming
9. yoga
10. Good water

Hopefully, you can choose 5 ideas that will work for you. Breathe Easy (also a herbal tea)! Go to for more info about lung health advice and lung health tips.
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