Tom Louis Westerners Nico Victoria Golf Club this week to re

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Tom Louis Westerners Nico Victoria Golf Club this week to re

Postby gall » Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:30 am

When 21-year-old Englishman Tom - Louis Westerners Nico Victoria Golf Club this week to return to Expand European Tour - Portugal Golf Masters title defense in wartime, he had crossed a threshold finalists - from the last weekend's final 5 months (not including the absence of the cut line game). Scenery scene to a year ago, the European Tour Rookie of The 2011 season conceal his frustration and disappointment.

Even in St Andrews on the pittaylormade r11 ironsch lataylormade burner 2.0 ironsst Saturday handed over 65 medals, the highest since October last year to win the Portugal Masters ataylormade rbz ironsfter personal best score of the single-round, Louis eventually in the Dunhill Links Championship on escataylormade tour preferred mb ironspe The fate of the eliminated.

Only located in Dubai contest 123 Lewis had likely at the end facing the situation to go to qualifying school for the first time for a European Tour card, but the professional playetaylormade burner superlaunch ironsrs because of his own into last year's third game in the victory, he got a two-yeataylormade r9 ironsr European Tour qualifying exemption, so Louis are also not the concerns of the European Tour card.

Even so, the European Tour Rookie of the last season candidate this season's disappointment. "I played better than last year at thimizuno jpx 800 ironss time well, which is a shame I am very disappointed that did not meet my standards of A, I played some excellent round, but I can not the two are playing so well not be able to play to the level I expect, I feel frustrated. I expect to encounter a little sink his career, but in my opinion, my game is not at the level I want, I am disappointed I hope I can do better. course, I am able to do is get my tour card for next year. "

Portugal Masters victory last year, Lewis received 335,000 pounds, and he only 125,000 pounds this year in the European Tour's total income. "In my eyes, this really is not a question of money, I really never no bonuses are interested in, but to play golf, and continue to improve. Unfortunately, this year is a costly onmizuno mp 69 ironse, because I play to themizuno mp 68 irons whomizuno mp 53 ironsle world, to stay in a beautiful place, and there are so many out (13 times out of the game in Europe, once out in the United States) and I learned a lot, but I can not be who|| learned into good results also disappointed. "
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