Tell you how to convert MP4 to SWF on Windows/Mac OS

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Tell you how to convert MP4 to SWF on Windows/Mac OS

Postby cindyhuan » Wed Mar 27, 2013 9:38 am

Mp4 is the official file extension of the multimedia container format MPEG-4 part 14, which is the digital audio or digital video portion of MPEG-4. Because its file extension is .mp4, MPEG-4 Part 14 is often referred to simply as MP4. MP4s can actually contain multiple audio, video and subtitle streams as they are container formats and not simple file formats.

Did you find an MP4 file on your computer and wonder what program should open it? Maybe someone emailed you an MP4 file but you're not sure how to use it. Perhaps you tried to open the MP4 file but Windows told you that it could not open it.Before you can open an MP4 file (assuming it's even a file format that's intended to be viewed or edited), you'll need to determine what kind of file the .MP4 file extension refers to.

(Small Web Format) The file format for playing Flash animation files (Flash movies). The Flash source file, which holds the timelines and multimedia elements, uses the .FLA (Flash Authoring) extension and is published to an .SWF file for playback by the Flash media player.Originally, SWF meant "ShockWave Flash," which was confusing because Shockwave is a different authoring package that uses the .DCR extension for playback files (see Shockwave). As a result, SWF was renamed "Small Web Format." Stand-alone Flash video files use the .FLV extension (see Flash video). See Flash and Swiffy.

How to Play SWF Files?
1. Adobe Flash Player
There is NO installation needed, just open the downloaded Adobe Flash Player.exe and open your .SWF from within the Projector.
2. Web-browser
Open the file within your web-browser, drag and drop the .SWF file into Internet Explorer or Firefox and it'll play.
3. Standalone player
SWF & FLV Player, FLV Player, SWF Opener, QuickTime etc. You can find the Players by using search engine.

In the present day, it is common to find people have their own websites. It will be an attractive website with wonderful flash videos. Having countless amazing MP4 files to upload to websites? There is a perfect method for converting MP4 to flash FLV/SWF format on Windows/Mac OS and enables you to upload these files to websites.

Doremisoft Video to Flash Converter is great software enable us convert mp4 to swf and can be a wmv to swf converter or mpeg to swf converter .

Tiny difference between Mac and Windows version
The main difference between these two tools is that they have different interface for offering different user experience between Mac and Windows Users. And below is the screenshot of Video to Flash Converter for Windows.

So don't shilly-shally,the Doremisoft Video to Flash Converter is your best choice.
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