Teach you how to play DVD on Mac OS Lion

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Teach you how to play DVD on Mac OS Lion

Postby cindyhuan » Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:40 am

Mac is so fabulous that lion made very large changes as it unveild. The system supports multitouch gesture operation, you can free slide on the control panel. To make system more safe, lion may automatically save your stuff. Also, full-screen running apps is special among all computers. All these are the new features to the previous.

This converter is brilliant. You can not only do that, but also convert dvd to itunes or play dvd movies on nexus 7.

Don't mention that how easy to use it, I'll show you immediately.
Please load this converter first. If you didn't purchase one, you can have a free download and try now.
Then, your videos from DVD needed to be uploaded to this converter, the converter also allow batch load files.
Next, you should choose the output format for the converted files.
Finally, after you have customized your files, you can convert them now.

Got a kindle fire hd these days? I'm sure you are just in love with it. Do you wonder how to watch dvd movies on kindle fire hd?

As some people would like to make their friend-shared dvd to play on Mac OS lion, but they will lately found that it doesn't work as what they think. From my point of view, it is quite an easy job. To play dvd on mac lion, you need a mac dvd converter. What if you need to burn your videos to DVD to share on Mac? Here, you need a mac dvd maker. Those tools are necessities, you need them to stand by in your computer. So now you can try them before doing anything else.
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