Tara was another great scene

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Tara was another great scene

Postby Ever47 » Sun Sep 09, 2012 2:53 pm

Tara was another great scene

Most interesting of all - so far - from a character perspective is the newly formed Team Eric and Bill.Watch The Dark Knight Rises Online With Eric back to his old fantastic self, this bromance can really get going – it has tons of hilarious vampire potential, so fingers crossed it lasts as long as possible. On a related subject, we can’t not mention the almost-incest angle. This could well turn out to be something quite interesting – Nora is high up in the Authority, and as that’s going to be big this , she could well be our in – let’s not forget, technically, they’re not actually related. It could however, just as easily have been a suitably outrageous excuse to get the Skarsgard naked. That’s not a complaint, now – Watch The Expendables 2 Online naked Skarsgard is naked Skarsgard – but surely we’re past excuses at this point? Let’s give it the benefit of the doubt for now – it’s about time we saw some more of the Authority, and anything that gets us there is just fine.

The burial of Tara was another great scene,Watch Step Up Revolution Online thanks to Pam. Pam sported a borrowed Walmart sweatsuit for the occasion! Tara smells. They bury them. Now, all they can do is cross their fingers in hopes that Tara wakes up. The troublesome twosome, Bill and Eric, are working hard on their bromance this episode. We next find them tied up in the back of a car. They’re being taken to the authority. In a clever move, Bill punctures the fuel tank, and they manage to spark an explosion.Wow, fast friends, but I guess desperate times call for desperate friendships. Out of the flames comes the male vampire driver, who I’m fairly certain was Viktor Krum from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and he’s Drop Dead Diva Season 4 Episode 13 ready to kill. Too late, though! The mysterious lady vampire eliminates him first. It’s Nora (Lucy Griffiths),

There are factions within the vampire Army Wives Season 6 Episode 23 authority who are pleased with the work Bill and Eric accomplished eliminating the nerdy necromancers from last . Why should they die for that? As it turns out, Nora was planning on helping them escape quietly anyway. She lies to her boss, and preps them for new identities. Back at Sookie’s house, there is still a whole lot of Debbie to clean up. Sookie: “Anything big enough to pick up with our hands, we’ll put in here.”R.I.P. Godric! She’d do anything for Eric regardless of the circumstances, and he would do the same for her, but in this case, it turns out she’s not the only one.who Eric very affectionately refers to as his “sister.” As it turns Weeds Season 8 Episode 11 out, he means they share the same maker .
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