Take a break if your appetite for golf wanes

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Take a break if your appetite for golf wanes

Postby VictoriaSecret » Fri Jun 07, 2013 8:56 am

During those dark, damp days of winter and early Spring I lost my appetite to play cheap callaway irons. I'd even lapsed my club membership because it no longer offered good value as I approached maturing years and had other agendas.

But despite having not played a full round for several months, it only took the briefest of visits this week to the golf range overlooking nearby Rutland Water to revive my competitive hunger.

One crisp 7-iron and a well-struck taylormade rbz irons was all it took and I suddenly realised what I'd missed when devoting more time to another sporting passion, spending valuable hours with the grandchildren and, of course, contributing to the site on a daily basis.

My fear was that having ignored the pull of the game albeit in wet, cold and generally unpleasant conditions between November and April, when I did eventually get back to it I would no longer play wholesale golf clubs with the same intensity and would probably make a fool of myself.

But I was pleasantly surprised how I suddenly found some magic much of which I'd been striving to find for more than 40 years. And with a couple of small adjustments to stance, posture and ball position I was able to discover ball-striking that had previously eluded me.

My philosophy is that if we play cheapest ping g20 driver too much it's too easy to get in to bad habits. Then, rather than go back to basics and fundamentals in an effort to turn our game around, we tend to try to adapt and adjust merely to keep roughly to our handicap and avoid making an embarrassing rickets of the game in front of our peers.
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