Sync iTunes Movies to Kindle Fire HDX

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Sync iTunes Movies to Kindle Fire HDX

Postby Rita » Fri Nov 08, 2013 6:19 am

A few days ago one of my friends complained that she had purchased many HD movies in iTunes Store but now she had a new Kindle Fire HDX and the downloaded iTunes movies cannot read on her new tablet.

People like my friend spent dollars to watch a movie but only via iTunes or on Apple devices due to the DRM protection. That is frustrating right? Is there a way to convert the DRM-protected M4V movies to MP4 so that my friend can play her purchased movies on the android-based tablet?

I am interested in the question so I input “M4V Converter” in my search engine. It is not surprising that I can find some software labeled with DRM removal. I even tried some M4V Converters and at last I recommended Noteburner M4V Converter Plus to my friend.

You may want to know why I only recommended Noteburner M4V Converter Plus for her as it is not hard to find a workable solution to remove the DRM protection. I will explain.

1. She is a Win 8 user.
Her Operating System is Windows 8. So a Win 8 compatible desktop-based program is preferable.

2. Not only the purchased movies but also the rental movies.
She purchased and rented movies from iTunes Store. For a film-goer you should know that it is understandable. It would be better if the converter can also remove DRM protection from the rental movies and I have already noticed that some of the M4V Converters have the feature.

3. It should give full control to the output video file
Sometimes she needs to remove the unwanted scenes from the movie for her kids. It would be wonderful if the converter allows her to clip M4V videos or convert m4v of needed chapter.

Compared the output quality and the recording speed with other converters, I finally chose Noteburner M4V Converter for her. It is an amazing DRM removal and works as advertised. And more importantly, my friend loves it.
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