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stuttered Audio

Postby ikerib » Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:39 pm


I have a button when I clicked in it shows me an slide with a picture and plays an audio from my sd card with this code:

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public void buttonClickHandler(View v) {
    Diapositiva diapo1 = this.getDiapoActual();
    try {
        if (diapo1.tieneSonido()) {
           String sndPath = ZIP_SND_PATH + diapo1.getSonido().getNombre();
           InputStream isSonido = this.getTutorFile().getFile(sndPath);

           this.audioPlayer = new StreamingMediaPlayer(this);
        }   else if (diapo1.tieneVideo()) {
           if (!diapo1.tieneImagen()) {
           String imgPath = ZIP_FONDOS_PATH + "fondo_video.png";
    } catch (Throwable ex) {
       Log.e("mostrarDiapositiva", ex.getMessage());
       .makeText(this, "Error: " + ex.getMessage(), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT)

the fact is that the code works, the slide is changed and de audio played but it starts and when less than one second is played it started again, it´s like if it was stuttered.

Any idea why is this happening? thanks too much
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