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Static Wallpaper

Postby krtecek007 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:26 am


i was looking for application that would allow me to set static wallpaper (wallpaper-picture that would be not spread between all screens and would remain same on all of them).

Unfortunatelly till now i didn't found any dedicated application that would allow it, but i found out following workaround

1. There is a free application on android market that displays you pictures of "hot" womens (if interested, i can provide the name ;-)
2. in this application it is possibility to set any "hot" picture as wallpaper - choose a picture that will fit to one screen (bigger on the vertical side, pictures with bigger horizontal side will be again "spread" between screens) and set it as wallpaper. In my case the wallpaper babe is set as static-pic
3. go to (native) gallery app and choose your picture (again some with bigger vertical proportions - e.g. see the attachement) and set it as wallpaper

"Miraculously" - the picture is set as static wallpaper. However after any phone restart, the picture will be again "spread" and above described procedure will have to be repeated (I hope that i described it understandably...).

Do you know about any other way of setting the static wallpapers ?


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