SoundPool - load(String) and load(FileDescriptor)

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SoundPool - load(String) and load(FileDescriptor)

Postby dagaspodin » Fri Jul 17, 2009 11:53 am

I'm using SoundPool to play sound effects in my program from the resources. Now I've decided that I want to load the files from external files, packaged in the apk package.

Are SoundPool.load(String path, int priority) and SoundPool.load(FileDescriptor fd, long offset, long length, int priority) supposed to work? Because I only get FileNotFound exceptions when trying to load pretty much anything, for example: sfx_01.wav, which I've checked and double checked is in the APK root dir (by unzipping it). I've also tried placing the wave files inside a subdirectory and then packaging that with the same result. I'm using Android 1.5
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