Some Perfect Ping fairway woods for Handicappers

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Some Perfect Ping fairway woods for Handicappers

Postby Angelbabysister » Wed Jul 31, 2013 7:05 am

As a famous golf clubs manufactures, Ping provide a variety of design features to lower your scores and help improve your game with maximum forgiveness technology. Today I will tell some fairway woods to you. cheap golf clubs They are engineered to provide you performance and reliability from all types of lies and conditions.

The head of Ping G20 fairway wood for sale is made up of stainless steel which is able to position center-of-gravity low and farther back to provide higher trajectories and increased distance. Moreover, the larger head of G20 Fairway Wood can offer a long, forgiving option for golfers who rely on the confidence of it.

From the appearance, the G20 fairway woods feature a very similar look with the driver like most other fairway woods. At the same time the G20 fairway woods are full of lower face height, sleek look, and great performance. The great difference between the G20 drivers and fairway woods is that the fairway woods are designed to provide more forgiveness, high launching and versatile playabilities.

Just like the cheap Ping G15 Fairway Wood, the Ping G20 fairway woods feature a larger head and face to help ensure high ball speeds across the entire face. The PING G15 golf clubs have just been released and thousands of people across the globe are purchasing these- especially the drivers and irons. While you may be thinking of purchasing these for yourself, you may want to consider purchasing the G15 3-Wood and Hybrid golf clubs as well. These two golf clubs would make a great addition to any golfer's set.

The Ping K15 Fairway Wood has an elongated head design that increases the moment of inertia by 25%. Together with an external weight pad, this new design ensures natural club head rotation to improve accuracy and distance. The low profile design of the K15 fairway wood lowers the center of gravity for improved performance while inspiring confidence to launch the ball higher.

Like the Ping K15 Driver for sale, the K15 fairway wood uses Ping's patent pending Straight Flight Technology that utilizes an external weight pad to place 6% of the clubhead mass towards the heel of these golf clubs. This promotes a natural clubhead rotation through impact while the clever design means the external sole weight pad is barely visible at address.
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