Sexy looking imageview?

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Sexy looking imageview?

Postby BGH » Wed Jul 22, 2009 2:34 am

I have an imageview in my app to display a jpeg on my layout. The problem is that is looks a bit crappy just having the image sitting there on it's own.

I'd love to give the pic rounded corners but cant find any way to do that. If someone has a technique I'd love to hear it.

Failing that I'd like to give the picture a border. The imageview size is hardcoded and has the same value for width and height. I can set the background colour of the imageview and also specify a padding to simulate a border. The problem is that the pic will rarely ever be square so that means when the pic is landscape it has massive ugly borders top and bottom and when the pic is portrait the massive ugly borders are on the side.

So can anyone suggest a technique to make place an image inside a layout and spruce it up a bit with a border and/or rounded corners etc?
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