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SD Card Walkthrough

Postby Andrex » Tue Aug 19, 2008 8:33 am

So, I've been really playing around with making and adding an SD card to my emulator, and I know all the steps.

1. Make SD card. ([font=Courier New]mksdcard[/font])
2. Add files to SD card ([font=Courier New]adb push[/font])
3. Add SD card to emulator ([font=Courier New]-sdcard[/font])

The problems lie in the specifics. I get weird errors, so maybe if someone walked me through this I'd be able to pinpoint what I'm going wrong.

1. What format do I make the SD card? [font=Courier New].img[/font]? [font=Courier New].iso[/font]? I've seen both used in tutorials.
2. For [font=Courier New]adb push[/font], can someone list exactly what they enter? Say I have [font=Courier New]C:\picture.jpg[/font] and wanted to add it to [font=Courier New]C:\Program Files\Eclipse\android-sdk-windows-0.9_beta\tools\sdcard.iso[/font] (or whatever format.)
3. Is the following code correct for adding the preceding SD card to the startup of an app: [font=Courier New]-sdcard "C:\Program Files\Eclipse\android-sdk-windows-0.9_beta\tools\sdcard.iso"[/font] (or whatever format)?

Thank you for your time.

Edit- Using Windows Vista, Eclipse Europa, and Android 9.0 Beta SDK.
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Postby tberthel » Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:31 am

You push it when after it has been mounted.

So, your steps are not in order. You need 3 to be 2 and 2 to be 3.

adb push filename /sdcard/filename
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