Reverse playback of Raw-Audio

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Reverse playback of Raw-Audio

Postby 8200 » Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:04 am

Hi guys,

I have got a little raw audio player - just for testing my raw recorder (16bit pcm).

The player is working fine but it plays reverse.
So I thought the easiest way for correcting this is just to re-order the byte array. But in my solution there is a litte bug - because it sounds noisy.

song .... the old byte array
songr .... the new re-orderd byte array

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  1. byte[] songr = new byte[song.length];
  2.                 for (int i=0, j=song.length - 16; i<j; i=i+16, j=j-16){
  3.                         for (int k=i, l=j; k<i+16; k++, l++) songr[k]=song[l];
  4.                         }
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Thank you for your help!!

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