ProgressBar Problem

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ProgressBar Problem

Postby kdiddy » Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:22 am


I have an app that plays an mp3 file using the mediaplayer, mediacontroller, and mediacontrolplayer as the interface. The default player appears and works but the progressbar doesn't move incrementally as the tracks playing. I can fast forward or rewind or seek to any position by touching the progressbar but it doesn't move on it's own. I've searched high and low for a listener or something that will make the progressbar move each second the track is playing but have found nothing.

Any ideas?

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Postby michael1221988 » Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:31 pm

You could update it yourself like they do in the file. They have a refreshNow() function that they call like so
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long next = refreshNow();
they then call it after
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seconds. The function looks similar to this
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      mDuration = mp.getDuration();
      long pos = mPosOverride < 0 ? mp.getCurrentPosition() : mPosOverride;
      long remaining = 1000 - (pos % 1000);
      if ((pos >= 0) && (mDuration > 0)) {
      mProgress.setProgress((int) (1000 * pos / mDuration));
      // return the number of milliseconds until the next full second, so
      // the counter can be updated at just the right time
      return remaining;
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