Problem about playing 3gp file in ApiDemos\MediaPlayer

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Problem about playing 3gp file in ApiDemos\MediaPlayer

Postby bercago » Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:48 am

Hi guys,
I played with Android Media APIs this afternoon,
I put a 3gp file into sdcard in simulator, and go to ApiDemo -> Media -> MediaPlayer -> Play video from local file to play this file, and it can be played.

But sometimes the background displayed the previous selection buttons and keep flashing, does anybody know why this happens? (please refer to attached image)

If I resize the Surface to full screen, the problem is gone, but the dimension of the movie clip is resize as well.

I think the problem is because the redraw of the surface object and we need to tell emulator not to redraw the background or give it a static background(?).

Thank you for your advice.
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