Playing In-Memory Audio - Cupcake release

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Playing In-Memory Audio - Cupcake release

Postby » Mon May 04, 2009 12:06 pm


I need to write an VoIP application for Android. It required to access the audio from default audio socket and stream the audio to the target Android Emulator running in the network, which will play the audio through the default audio output socket. The proposed streaming protocol is secure RTP.

My major problem is to stream the audio from source system to target system. Looks like there is no API available for accessing the audio from audio socket and stream it as it is coming. Looks like we need to record the audio and then stream it and play it at the target system.

After some investigation, from the forum, I have found that, there is no support for Java Sound API and need to wait for cupcake release for the like API.

My question is when the cupcake release is going to happen? And anybody have any alternative solution for this problem.

Please help me, I need the solution for this problem very urgently.

Please provide some insight into the alternative ideas, you may have in mind.

thanks for reading.

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