Playback of tracker modules (.xm and/or .mod)

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Playback of tracker modules (.xm and/or .mod)

Postby vuchl » Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:52 am

Hey there!

Right now I'm working on a little app for myself. Within this application I want to play some tracker music. Problem is I can't find a library that is working on Android. There exists a Player for tracker formats that works great playing them but is not usable as a library.

On Windows I used BassMOD for stuff like that. It has a really nice usability and is really small. There exists an Java port called NativeBass (for Bass not BassMOD but thats unimportant) for that library but it doesn't work on Android (because Bass isn't Android compatible in the first place, I got this information from the maintainer of NativeBass myself via eMail).

Another Java-based module Player is JavaMOD . It can be used as a library too. I followed the example from (the class) but it didn't work either.

So finally here is my question: How can i play tracker modules on the android platform? I'm not able to build such a library myself so a prefabricated lib must do the trick for me :) .

Hope you can help me.

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