playback Canon XF305 MXF videos on Mac with best MXF convert

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playback Canon XF305 MXF videos on Mac with best MXF convert

Postby daisy » Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:39 am

playback Canon XF305 MXF videos on Mac with best MXF converter for Mac

Canon XF305Professional Camcorder continues to innovate and develop image acquisition products for the most demanding professional. It is of high quality and received high praise from its customers. The output video format of Canon XF305 is MXF, if you want toplayback Canon XF305 MXF videos on Mac, you will find that MXF is not acceptable for QuickTime. To solve this problem, you will need a MXF converter for Mac which helps you to convert MXF to QuickTime MOV. With MXF converter for Mac, you will be able to change Canon XF305 MXF wrapper to QuickTime on Mac. For MXF converter, you can make a comparison with several different converters, you will find that TransMXF for Mac is highly recommended by users and can best satisfy your need. It is easy to use and here’s simple tutorial.

Step 1: Add Canon XF305 MXF videos to thebest MXF converter for Mac.
Free download TransMXF for Mac, install and run it. Add MXF videos to TransMXF for Mac. Except Canon MXF videos, TransMXF for Mac can transfer MXF video shot by Panasonic, Sony and many other MXF camcorders. After loading videos to TransMXF, you can preview the videos in this surface.


Step 2: Choose the output format.
Click “Format” then you will see a dropdown list. Choose “QuickTime Movie Format” and then choose the one you think most suits your requirement.


Click “settings” and then you can do some adjustment with size, bitrate, etc.

Step 3: Conversion.
After these have been set, click “start conversion”. Wait a moment, you will get the converted videos with quality very close to the original ones.


Tip: If you want to combine several segments to a file, click “Merge to one file” before conversion.
TransMXF for Mac is a strong MXF converter which converts MXF to many other formats, media devices and editing software. If you have a MXF camcorder, you will surely need TransMXF. You have learned change Canon XF305 MXF wrapper to QuickTime on Mac, it is easy for you to try transfer MXF to HD Video formatsby yourself.
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