OpenGL ortho drawing on device

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OpenGL ortho drawing on device

Postby mkirkby » Wed Apr 28, 2010 5:01 pm

Hi All,

Before I start delving too deep into my code for a solution, does anyone know any immediate gotyas as to why my 2d Drawing using glorthof and gldrawarrays should work fine on the emulator but fail on the device?

Basically, most of my sprites are drawn using glDrawTexiOES for speed, but I have a font printing algorithm which has to use array drawing and ortho projections so it can index into a larger texture.

Both this and some test gourard triangle drawing work fine under emulation, but fail on the device. (glDrawTexiOES still works fine on the device)

I am not using EGL, but just the GLSurfaceView.

Any quick and immediate ideas?

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