New Callaway X Hot Family go the distance

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New Callaway X Hot Family go the distance

Postby VictoriaSecret » Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:20 am

Callaway has released a series of models this year. One is a member of the high-performance X Hot family, while the other is a part of the RAZR golf clubs for sale, which resides in the game-improvement realm. Here I just talk about the former.

Callaway X Hot Driver

The club is also made to promote more – and more consistent – distance, even on off-center hits. It features an adjustable OptiFit hosel, which enables golfers to adjust the face angle into Open, Square and Closed positions. Hocknell then goes on to describe how Callaway has implemented its thinnest casting technology ever in the all-titanium, 460cc heads of the X Hot, to create a lighter swing weight and overall configuration, so that it benefits players with average swing speeds, as well as those with ones much faster.

According to Dr. Alan Hocknell, senior vice president of research and development at Callaway, the fast face is but one piece of the technology puzzle. “We went to great lengths to configure the drivers not only to promote distance but also to progressively optimize performance for various player types,” he said.

And a tighter curvature face relative to the previous generation RAZR X Black driver is geared to provide a more preferred look at address along with consistent sidespin and dispersion to promote accuracy. The story of the X Hot begins with “Frame Face Technology,” which is designed to increase ball speed, save weight and optimize stiffness and stress distribution across the clubface for more efficient energy transfer.

Callaway X Hot Fairway Wood

Callaway’s X Hot fairway wood comes in three versions. The Standard is available in 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 11 woods and boasts Project X shafts stock. A Pro model features a slighter smaller head, less offset and more camber. And the CG here is moved forward for a flatter shot trajectory and less spin.

These clubs are hot. Thanks to the way technicians adapted Callaway driver face technology to increase ball speeds all across the Carpenter 455 stainless steel face of this fairway and push USGA limits on Coefficient of Restitution. That encourages distance, and so does a feature called Internal Standing Wave, which is designed to optimize Center of Gravity. In addition, a modern Warbird sole has been made to bolster performance on shots from lies that are good, bad and/or ugly.

X Hot irons

The best price X Hot Irons are game-improvement products that employ a Deep Undercut Cavity design with Speed Frame Race Technology. The cavity design allowed the company to more precisely position the Center of Gravity (CG) and move the hottest part of the face lower, where more golfers make contact more often with the golf ball.

Callaway incorporated the Speed Frame Face Technology it has used with great success in its drivers to its X Hot irons. They said that advance optimized stiffness across the face for more efficient energy transfer. It also produced more ball speed and more consistent distance, even on off-center contacts. In addition, the equipment maker applied a dual-material medallion to promote better feel and sound and made the True Temper Speed Step 85 lightweight steel shaft its stock offering.

X Hot hybrid

The Callaway X Hot Hybrid is distinguished by the compact look of its grayish clubhead and the utilization of a so-called Speed Frame Face. That feature is designed to produce faster ball speeds all across the clubface, for longer, more consistent distance and improved forgiveness.

These hybrids also employ a modern Warbird sole, to make it easier to hit shots from a variety of lies, and come with a premium Project X Velocity shaft stock, to bolster clubhead speed – and distance. According to Callaway engineers, those combined features give the X Hot the distance and forgiveness of a fairway wood with the accuracy and control of an iron.
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