MediaRecorder.OnInfo() never being called?

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MediaRecorder.OnInfo() never being called?

Postby pnzrdrgoon » Tue Sep 07, 2010 5:45 pm

I'm trying to write an audio recorder and it's giving me problems. Here is a snippet of code I'm using:
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  1. recorder.setAudioSource(MediaRecorder.AudioSource.MIC);
  2. recorder.setOutputFormat(MediaRecorder.OutputFormat.THREE_GPP);
  3. recorder.setAudioEncoder(MediaRecorder.AudioEncoder.AMR_NB);
  4. recorder.setOutputFile(path);
  5. recorder.setMaxDuration(10000);  //ten seconds
  6. recorder.setOnInfoListener(new OnInfoListener(){
  8.                         @Override
  9.                         public void onInfo(MediaRecorder mr, int what, int extra) {
  10.                                 mr.stop();
  11.                                 mr.release();
  12.                         }});
  14. recorder.prepare();
  15. recorder.start();
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My problem is that at the end of the 10 seconds the OnInfoListener is never called even though it should be because the MaxDuration is supposed to call onInfo with a what of MEDIA_RECORDER_INFO_MAX_DURATION_REACHED as per ... ration(int)

What am I doing wrong?
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