MediaPlayer: "Attempt to call getDuration without ..."

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MediaPlayer: "Attempt to call getDuration without ..."

Postby chris_abyi » Sat Feb 26, 2011 4:46 am


I'm stuck with the following problem since a whole day already and I would really appreciate any help and advice:
I created a playback-class for an mp3 player which takes commands from play/pause/back and forward buttons. Furthermore, it provides a progressBar to see the current progress of the track.

I'm using a AsyncTask for controlling the Progressbar. To avoid any clashes with the MediaPlayer, I cancel the task when the "back"-button (forward yet not implemented) is hit, then reset the mediaplayer, set the new file path and prepare it again. Nevertheless, I sometimes get the following error message which causes the whole application (but especially the progressBar) not to work anymore: Error (-38,0): Attempt to call getDuration without a valid mediaplayer.

I was seeking for cause already a long time but I got no luck. I also tried to build better checks into the asyncTask to cancel it fast, so it doesn't conflict with the resetting mediaPlayer. Unfortunately, I do not know if this works or not. Here's the source: Any suggestions how-to handle both the AsyncTask and the MediaPlayer?

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    //Play or resume
    private void play(){
       String path = playlist.get(playPointer).getAbsolutePath();
          try {
            //start the thread to control the progressBar
            updateProgress = new UpdateProgress();
         } catch (Exception e){
      //Switch to paused-icon
    private void back(){
          int position = mPlayer.getCurrentPosition()/1000;
          //If playing current track less than 5 seconds yet, switch to previous track. Else, stay with this one and just restart.
                playPointer = (playlist.size()-1);
   private class UpdateProgress extends AsyncTask<Void,Integer,Void>{
       // can use UI thread here 
      protected void onPreExecute() { 

      //Done in worker thread (separate from UI thread)
      protected Void doInBackground(Void...args) {
         int progress = 0;
         int position = 0;
         int duration = 0;
         int timeLeftMs = 0;
         int timeLeftSec = 0;
         int leftMinutes = 0;
         int leftSeconds = 0;
                  position = mPlayer.getCurrentPosition();
                  duration = mPlayer.getDuration();
               }catch(Exception e){
            //Calculating the current progress
            progress = Math.round(((float)position/(float)duration)*100);
            //Calculating the remaining playing time
            timeLeftMs = duration-position;
             timeLeftSec = timeLeftMs/1000;
             leftMinutes = timeLeftSec/60;
             leftSeconds = timeLeftSec%60;

             this.publishProgress(progress, leftMinutes, leftSeconds);
         }while (progress<100 && !this.isCancelled());
         return null;
      //Using the UI thread here
      protected void onProgressUpdate(Integer...progress){
         //Update progress bar
         //progress[1]=leftMinutes, progress[2]=leftSeconds, formatting;
          String minString=Integer.toString(progress[1]);
          String secString=Integer.toString(progress[2]);
          //Update progress label
      protected void onPostExecute(Void args){

Thank you very much for your help!

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