M4V to AVI - How to transcode M4V video to AVI format on Mac

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M4V to AVI - How to transcode M4V video to AVI format on Mac

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M4V is known as a common video extension which is similar with MP4 format. Generally, a .m4v video can be directly renamed into .mp4 due to the similarity. Apple first introduced this file extension to define a prorected video format with DRM. Though the M4V videos can be simply changed into MP4 format, some audio tracks in the M4V container may not be recognized by some video players. So, sometimes we need to convert M4V to AVI format which is more compatible with most video players.

Part 1. Convert M4V to AVI on Mac

Though Apple developed the M4V container to protect the copy rights of iTunes videos, it doesn't mean that all the M4V videos are DRM protected. For example, we can get some tutorial videos from CNET which is in M4V format. And these videos are not DRM protected. So, when we want to convert DRM free M4V to AVI videos, it is easy - just like converting other common video formats. What you need is a easy-use video converter on Mac. Here we recommend you try Any Video Covnerter for Mac. (Download Now)

Part 2. Unlock DRM M4V and Covnert to AVI Videos on Mac

As we have mentioned above, all the videos downloaded from iTunes Store are DRM protected. So, it is impossible for you to copy and transfer those iTunes DRM M4V videos to Non-Apple devices for enjoying. If you have iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can easily sync your purchased or rented movies and TV shows to these devices for playing. But if you have Android or Windows devices instead, DRM M4V videos are not allowed to be played on them.


This may cause many inconveniences if we want to take the movies with us outside. To resolve this problem, we have two chioces: to replace all the portable devices with Apple devices or to remove DRM from iTunes M4V videos for personal usage. NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus for Mac is recommended as the best DRM removal tool on Mac which aims to help us to get gid of DRM and unlock & covnert iTunes M4V videos into DRM free video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG, FLV, and etc.


Below are simple steps for you to convert DRM M4V to AVI on Mac.

Image Add M4V Purchases and Rentals from iTunes

Noteburner iTunes DRM Video Converter on Mac is able to crack the DRM protection from both purchased and rented video files from iTunes and convert the them to AVI. Launch Noteburner and add iTunes DRM movies by clicking Add button. Or another way to import the M4V files is to locate the file path and directly drag the .m4v files to the main interface of the program.


Image Set output formats as AVI

To convert DRM M4V to AVI on Mac, you need choose Customized AVI Video option from the output profile list.


You can also adjust the video and audio parameters according to your preference before converting DRM M4V to AVI.


Image Convert DRM M4V to AVI on Mac

After all the profile settings have been done, the only thing you need to do is to click the convert button and then enter the converting interface. You can set the output path where you prefer to put the converted AVI files. Then click the start button and the DRM M4V to AVI conversion will immediately start. When the conversion finished, the converted AVI files can be played on most video players you have.


Tips: If you are Windows user, you should switch to DRM iTunes M4V Converter for Windows.

Resource: http://www.noteburner.com/itunes-converter/m4v-to-avi.html
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