Issue Using Native Camera App Within My App

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Issue Using Native Camera App Within My App

Postby theblang » Tue May 18, 2010 10:28 pm

So I would like to use the native camera layout and functionality to take a picture, return that picture data to my app, and do some processing. I figured out how to launch the native camera app from my app using an intent with no problem. When I take a picture, however, two buttons (attach and cancel) pop up. I am using the Dev Phone 1, and I assume that all devices have some kind of confirmation stage similar to this. I am wondering if I could just have the camera send the picture data back to my app without displaying those two buttons. I figure there must be a way, since the native camera app, when launched by itself, achieves this same functionality (it does not display those two buttons after a picture is taken).

If I can't do this, I could just create an identical layout and write the functionality myself. Does anyone know where I could view the native camera layout xml?
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