Is possible??? Audiobook AA file to MP3 ?

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Is possible??? Audiobook AA file to MP3 ?

Postby sunny_mm » Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:13 am

Many people purchase bestseller audio books from iTunes and and prefer to enjoy them on their own MP3 players or other portable devices. By convention, Audio books from iTunes are DRM protected and they can be only played on certain devices like Apple iPod. Is it also possible to play on other MP3 players? The answer is yes!
But what you need firstly is a audiobook converter which can remove DRM protection and convert AA file to MP3 format so that you can play it on your own MP3 player.
Features of Audio Book Converter
Audio Book Converter is a powerful audiobook converter which can remove DRM protection from iTunes audiobooks and convert AA file to MP3 with ease.
As a professional audiobook converter, Audio Book Converter can not only convert Audible AA to MP3, but it can also preserve ID tags on the files.
Furthermore, it supports multiple output portable devices such as iPhone, iPod, your own MP3 players and so on which helps Windows users to better enjoy their digital audio book life!
How to convert AA to MP3 with Audio Book Converter
To begin with, free download and install this audiobook converter. This is just a trial version with the limitation that it can only convert 3 minutes each audiobook. You can get full version by purchasing it. Then follow the guide to convert AA to MP3 files easily and quickly!
Step1: Add audio books files from iTunes.
Click the button "Add ". The adding window will pop-up as below:

Step2: Select the file you want to convert and click the button"OK". Selected files will be listed in the main window.

Step3: Click the "Convert " button to start converting.
Tips: Before converting, you can customize the AA files as you like.

Besides, Audio Book Converter supports batch conversion so that you can select several AA files to convert.
Finally, there is a "Split" button, which used to split the converted big audiobook file to several small segments.
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