Is image autocompression avoidable?

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Is image autocompression avoidable?

Postby alejo » Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:41 pm


I'm working on a code where I download an image and show it up on a webview. Easy.

Since the image weights around 1.2 mb, android >2.0 automatically dithers the image when showing it on the screen, making it useless. Donut doesn't do that, so the image is loaded just as it should be.

Any suggestion on how to prevent froyo from doing that? Or how to bypass it?
I've tried setDither, ZoomDensity and a few other commands, unsuccessfully.

Ah, another question, how can I implement something like "if file doesn't exist (download) else (go on)". There must be something I'm wrong on that too...

Any suggestion will be appreciated

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