In Jackson, crispy fried Lorena is unfortunately not dead,

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In Jackson, crispy fried Lorena is unfortunately not dead,

Postby Ever47 » Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:28 pm

In Jackson, crispy fried Lorena is unfortunately not dead, but hilariously pissed off. So is Talbot, as a prized tapestry was used as a fire blanket. Russell is vexed at this show of bad manners, and is triumphant and fangy for a brief second. Alas, it doesn’t last, as the King is the master of sinister yet gracious reality checks. Due to Lorena selling him out, has two deeply unpleasant options if he doesn’t join the Mississippi Dark Side- Ms Stackhouse get killed in an inventive fashion by the jealous bitch ex, or turn her.

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He’s completely and utterly screwed, and due for a long and disturbing flashback to really put the boot into his self worth and fragile grasp on humanity, and indeed his sanity. I am wondering whether Russell poking him on the forehead was a dream trigger of sorts? He is freaking old and powerful. Hmm…anyhoo, are any not-mental vampires going to be part of the plot this year? I’m weary of all these eeeeeeeeeeevil vamps already. The Great Revelation had a point, right?
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As I fume, is having the multiple of her life in a cheap motel, but somehow it just looks odd and not very exciting what with the eye flickering and rolling, and since when could vampires bestow drawn out, tedious orgasms by howling a bit? Mysterious British vampire Franklin has a smexy accent and a good line in pillow talk, and is clearly a kinky bastard, but quite rightly wants to get the hell out of that room and do the walk of shame back to ’s. My ‘spot the bastard’ radar is going OFF, and I despair of ever getting out of her victim hole this year, as he’s SO not going to leave her alone.

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Meanwhile cross town, is burying dead ginger werewolf, which is sweet of him, but he should really pitch in and help clean trashed house as well, now he’s grossified it even more. In an apron. There’s an awesome exchange about bullet sucking that makes me love Sook for a second, and then they saunter back to the house arguing about Jackson. She’s going, natch, to take on the werewolves, because she does love Mr. Tormented, despite the obvious charms of ‘Nice ’.
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