iMovie app for iPad-edit Camcorder AVCHD MTS on iPad 3

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iMovie app for iPad-edit Camcorder AVCHD MTS on iPad 3

Postby Etan520 » Fri Sep 14, 2012 4:01 am

iMovie app for iPad-edit Camcorder AVCHD MTS on iPad 3 with iMovie


"I have a Panasonic AG-HSC1UP camera that produces HD videos in .MTS format (codec). I can import these videos with iMovies 11 to my MacBook Pro with no problem. I bought an iPad Camera Connection Kit for SD cards but had no success importing HD videos from my camera. I would like to know if there is any video application for the iPad that allows importing videos (with the .MTS format)?"

To work this problem out, you need to understand how the iPad Camera Connection Kit works. According to Apple, the Camera Connection Kit "support standard photo formats, including JPEG and RAW, along with SD and HD video formats, including H.264 and MPEG-4". Check the iPad specifications and you'll find that the iPad device itself is very picky on accepted video formats. In fact its supported video formats are limited to .avi, .mov, .m4v and .mp4 only. AVCHD recordings are usually H.264 encoded contents enveloped in .mts or .m2ts container format. Nether is supported by iPad. Thus the .mts footage will not display when you connect SD card to iPad with Camera Connection Kit. If your footage are Motion-JPEG encoded .avi files, there won't be any problem uploading video to iPad from SD card or the camera device.

For those who wanna import AVCHD .mts footage to iPad for editing in iMovie, here's a workaround:

1. Transfer the .mts/.m2ts footage to your computer first.

2. Use iPad Video Converter to convert AVCHD footage to iPad/New iPad 3 supported format.

3. Rename those conversions to with filenames exactly 8 characters long plus their file extension, e.g. 12345678.mp4.

4. Create a DCIM directory off the SD card's root.

5. Copy those conversions back to the SD card under DCIM directory.

6. Insert the SD card to iPad Camera Connection Kit, and connect the kit to iPad.

7. Now your videos will be detected by iPad automatically, select the footage that you'd like to copy to iPad and then tap Import Selected Videos button.

How to view uploaded footage on iPad:

The footage you transferred from SD card are saved under "Photos" instead of "Videos". The videos are saved along with other pictures so it may take you a while to find them.

How to edit converted AVCHD on iPad with iMovie:

1. Launch iMovie on iPad, create a new project.

2. Your converted videos are displayed in the list of Video source along with existing Camera Roll media on the upper left part of the window. Find the videos you'd like to edit and drag them to timeline.

3. Edit the footage as you wish.

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