How to set Audio Sampling rate higher than 44.1kHz

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How to set Audio Sampling rate higher than 44.1kHz

Postby » Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:27 am

Subject: How to set Audio Sampling rate higher than 44.1kHz ?


I noticed that failed to work
when using wrong sampleRateInHz...

You can also reproduce easily that issue
using pcmrecorder on Samsung Nexus S (by Google) : ... cmrecorder

So It fails to record above 44.1Khz
while the hardware audio chip supports up to 96KHz :

Is this a device/firmware bug or known limitation ?

Note that the android platform only ensure about 44100Hz (not even 24KHz) ... ecord.html

sampleRateInHz the sample rate expressed in Hertz.
44100Hz is currently the only rate
that is guaranteed to work on all devices,
but other rates such as 22050, 16000, and 11025
may work on some devices.

How to overcome this limitation ?

* could any other API be used ? alsa, openal ? and how ?

* could alsa driver be reconfigured from user side
to be able to sample above 44100Hz ? ( .asoundrc )

* Is it possible to do a such thing
without reflashing/rooting/rebooting the device

* else how to workaround this ?
upsampling (interpolation) efficiently, using native code ?

Thank you for reading ...

More at : ... hz-nexuss# ( I will edit that url, If needed ... )

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