How to Play Blu Ray Disc on Mac Mountain Lion?

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How to Play Blu Ray Disc on Mac Mountain Lion?

Postby flylemon » Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:28 pm

Again, the release of new Mac OS X system, Mountain lion, did not deliver Blu Ray playback support. The lack of Mountain Lion for Blu-ray support doesn’t mean Blu-ray is dead. Blu-ray still has its place and Blu-ray is currently the best available format in terms of Picture Quality, as well as Audio Quality. It simply means that Mac users have come to terms with the fact that Blu Ray support on Mac is never coming and they will have to make other arrangements.
To get Blu Ray supported on Mountain Lion, there are two popular methods:

Method 1: Convert Blu Ray to Mountain Lion supported MP4, H.264, MOV, M4V video formats;
Method 2: Download Blu Ray Player for Mac OS X Mountain Lion Application.

Method one, ripping Blu Ray to Mountain Lion enables you to play, backup Blu Ray disc on Mountain Lion. It also enables you to add Blu Ray to iTunes on Mountain Lion to transfer to iPad, iPod, iPhone for enjoy on the go, even add to Apple TV for airplay to HDTV.

Method two enables you to play Blu Ray videos with Blu Ray quality on Mountain Lion without conversion, however, you will not able to add Blu Ray to iTunes to manage your Blu Ray videos, and you cannot back up Blu Ray disc on Mountain Lion.

Continue Reading two popular methods to play Blu Ray Movies on Mountain Lion with detailed guide: ... yback.html
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