How to get the best double buffering?

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How to get the best double buffering?

Postby MobileVisuals » Fri Feb 18, 2011 9:16 am

I am painting polygons with the Paint class in an animation. New polygon shapes are created for every new frame. These are painting over parts of the screen.

The parts of the screen which are not painted in the new frame flicker in a disturbing way. I am using lockCanvas(null); and unlockCanvasAndPost(c). Shouldn't this fix the double buffering to avoid flickering?

Does anyone know why the flickering occurs and how I can fix this? It seems like only the part of the screen that is painted for the new frame is double buffered. So I wonder if there is some better way than lockCanvas(null); and unlockCanvasAndPost(c) to implement double buffering?
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