How to fast forward audio??

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How to fast forward audio??

Postby shrikant » Wed Jul 09, 2008 6:16 am

Hi all,
Well i was trying to figure out how to fast forward audio. I went through the android documentation and here are some classes/functions that i think need to be used.

AndroidAudioInputStream(InputStream stream, AudioFormat format, long length)

AudioFormat(Encoding encoding, float sampleRate, int sampleSizeInBits, int channels, int frameSize, float frameRate, boolean bigEndian)

AudioFormat.Encoding(String name)

Now the thing is, that the xplanation given is insufficient.. at least i think so.
One thing i understood, that is required, is to set to fast forward we'll have to increase the "frameRate" in the new AudioFormat that we make.

In the Encoding constructor, what does "name" signify??
In AndroidAudioInputStream what do we put for "stream" in the constructor??
How do we play it after all this?

Thanks in advance for helping..
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